skisailrepeat: Captain looking for last mate
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No fumador con Atlético tipo de cuerpo
Waltham, Massachusetts
56 year old Hombre, 170cm, Otra
Origen étnico
Blanco/Caucásico, Piscis
skisailrepeat en busca de una relación.
Algunos estudios Universitarios
Atraído(a) por la inteligencia de las personas

Sugarbush 2016 - Can't believe I get paid to do this

Buscando Mujer Para Citas
Necesidades No completado Química Ver su resultados
¿Consumes bebidas alcohólicas? No ¿Quieres tener hijos? No quiero hijos
Estado civil Soltero(a) ¿Consumes drogas? No
Color de cabello Mixto Color de ojos Marrones
¿Tienes vehículo propio? ¿Tienes hijos? No
Relación más larga Más de 10 años ¿Eres ambicioso(a)? Algo ambicioso(a)
Mascotas Sin mascota  

Acerca De Mí
Here I am. One overly active, uber-creative, drama averse, never jealous, class clown and teacher who would just be happy(er) meeting a woman who wants to spend time with me.

My hobbies are skiing, sailing, and fixing electronics.
If you call earning a living by practicing your hobbies a good life, I am leading a very good life.

I exercise regularly, appear to have a full set of teeth, and put the seat down.

For better or worse:
Depending on the season, I ski every weekend and sail almost every afternoon. Yes, you are invited. Or feel free to give me something better to do
It's hard for me to stay serious for more than a few minutes at a time.
I wear jeans to work, gladly. I own suits and ties. I wear them once every few years. At least they still fit.
I own vinyl and cds.
I will let you be you.
I tend to laugh when others would smile and smile when others would laugh.
I have great patience, especially with children. Drunks, not so much so..
I would rather be alone than in a bad relationship.
We can talk about my exes You might even get to meet some of them. You will never hear me say a bad word about them.
I don't have "a type, but the women who are attracted to me tend to be younger, taller, and better educated than I am. Don't know why that is. I'm sure it's not for my money.
I am suicidally honest.
While we are on the subject… I’m 65 and 5’7” is generous.

You? Nobody’s perfect, but here are a few things I value in others.
Independence, loyalty, honesty.
A woman with a warm hug.
A woman who can walk and cuddle at the same time.
A woman comfortable in blue jeans.
A woman who looks at me like I am special.
Extra credit if you own a dog.

That “looking for a relationship” thing. Looking has never worked for me, but I'm more than willing.

Deal breakers:
Smoke cigarettes? I wouldn’t lick an ash tray… ‘nuff said?
Bible thumper? You wont like me.

I’ll shut up now.

Iniciadores de conversación (por ejemplo: ¿qué te gusta hacer en una primera cita?)
Short sail on The Charles? Ice cream? Pizza in the lobby of the police station.

Or maybe just "randomly" bump into each other in the produce section so we could tell people "we met at the supermarket".

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